Suzy Woodhouse using Hypnotherapy to help people

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Using Hypnotherapy to stop smoking

Become a non- smoker

How much is smoking costing you, per week, per month, per year? What would you rather do with this money? Buy something special. Hypnotherapy can you help break the habit.


Suzy Woodhouse helping people with Anxiety

Anxiety and Depression

Anxiety is a huge issue. Those Anxiety searches are asking: “Can hypnotherapy Help?” Hypnotherapists know from experience that hypnotherapy can help..


Weight Loss

VIRTUAL GASTRIC BAND is a weight loss program designed to change how you think about food. It is not physical surgery. It is not a diet. Instead, you think yourself thin.



Clinical Hypnosis helps people use a deep relaxation state to change life issues such as stop smoking, weight loss, pain relief anxiety, self-improvement, etc. Self-hypnosis is a very natural process. Hypnosis is a very common state of mind. You experience it daily whenever you’re just about to fall asleep, whenever your mind drifts off into a daydream, whenever you are bored, whenever you’re driving without thinking about how you reached your destination, reading a book, or engrossed in a movie.

Good News – Now doing face-to-face appointments again.

Popular hypnotherapist Suzy Woodhouse, who has guided dozens of anxious and uncertain Wynnum residents through the past three years, has good news for locals who are itching to make major changes to their lives.

Now that the COVID risk is lessening, Suzy is returning to face-to-face sessions and restricting Zoom encounters to a minimum. “Zoom was helpful during the COVID crisis,” Suzy says, “but nothing beats face-to-face, and I can’t wait to get back to it.”

 Suzy has a 95 percent success rate with clients trying to quit smoking and also excels with people combatting alcohol addiction and problems associated with food, anxiety, depression, fear of public speaking, and a range of various phobias.

A fully-trained clinical hypnotherapist, Suzy Woodhouse is based in central Wynnum 


Suzy is excellent at what she does. Calm, kind, and insightful Suzy made me feel relaxed right away. I worked with Suzy to manage some big and wide anxiety issues that had come up for me post-COVID and we had two great sessions with content to listen to afterward and helpful advice and strategies to manage what was happening for me.  Brigitte  – Click Here to Read more.  


I rang Suzy for support after a period of extreme anxiety, driven by stress from work and hormonal changes. I was experiencing tension like never before, my work was suffering, my imposter syndrome was at an all-time high and I couldn’t move forward. On my first meeting, I drove past Suzy’s house – Stephaine Speer – Click Here to Read more.


Things are traveling well since I  made many changes in both the business and internally, in myself. Today I am sitting at home doing what I need to do knowing my work is being done at the office, for the first time in many years. I have had time to think over my journey before I came to you for Hypnotherapy.  Gail Gobey – Click Here to Read more.


Suzy, I want to thank you. I was fighting depression for a long time before I reached out for help. Recently it led to my Divorce, Smoking, Drinking, Procrastination, and Low Self-Esteem. Then it was cancer radiation treatment and a week in intensive care before that made me see that I was in trouble with Depression. Now, the Smoking is gone, my Drinking is very low,  and my Confidence level is still growing. My life has totally changed.  Edward Roberts, Thank you again – Click Here to Read more


I stumbled across Suzy when I was desperately seeking help. I knew something was wrong with me, because as soon as anyone; my son, daughter, work colleague, the chick at the supermarket … I mean anyone, said a crossword to me, I would cry uncontrollably … Me? The strong one for everyone else. Donna Stuart – Click Here to Read more.


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