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Using Hypnotherapy to stop smoking

Become a non- smoker

How much is smoking costing you, per week, per month, per year? What would you rather do with this money? Buy something special. Hypnotherapy can you help break the habit.

Suzy Woodhouse helping people with Anxiety

Anxiety and Depression

Anxiety is a huge issue. Those Anxiety searches are asking: “Can hypnotherapy Help?” Hypnotherapists know from experience that hypnotherapy can help..

Weight Loss

VIRTUAL GASTRIC BAND is a weight loss program designed to change how you think about food. It is not physical surgery. It is not a diet. Instead, you think yourself thin.


Clinical Hypnosis helps people use a deep relaxation state to change life issues such as stop smoking, weight loss, pain relief anxiety, self-improvement, etc.. Self-hypnosis is a very natural process. Hypnosis is a very common state of mind. You experience it daily whenever you’re just about to fall asleep, whenever your mind drifts off into a daydream, whenever you are bored, whenever you’re driving without thinking about how you reached your destination, reading a book or engrossed in a movie.


To date, I have had five weight loss sessions with Suzy. I am confident and happy to work with Suzy through my weight loss battle. I am very happy with the results that I have achieved to date. Margaret Wynnum 23/11/20to Read more.

Suzy Woodhouse has helped me work through lots of matters over the years. During this time Suzy helped me sort through a divorce and to minimize its impact on my young children. There were so many issues. – Caroline – Click Here to Read more.

I contracted a Chronic Skin Itch on my back, which drove me mad, day and night, after Shingles two years ago. I found nothing to alleviate this intense itch. After many visits to doctors, including a skin specialist who tried (and failed) to burn this skin off to get rid of it, I was put in contact with Suzy (my last resort). – Connie – Click Here to Read more.

Dear Suzy, I would like to thank you for your professionalism, dedication, and gentle nurturing nature in the way you assisted me to deal with my pain and anger towards my father’s emotional abuse. – Click Here to Read more

Our 3-year-old daughter had always found settling to sleep to difficult and needed us to sit with her patting her until she fell asleep. Read More Geryjames Click Here to Read more.

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