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People’s eating habits have changed during COVID-19 and not always for the best!

Wynnum hypnotherapist Suzy Woodhouse explains what a ‘virtual gastric band’ is…

“With Virtual Gastric Band hypnotherapy we are essentially convincing the brain that the stomach is full after a certain level of intake and that there is no need for more food. Above all, it is most definitely NOT a diet – we know that diets only work in the short term. The Virtual Gastric Band allows you to eat what you want but enables you to intake smaller portions. The best thing is that because it’s not a diet, people don’t feel deprived, miserable or hungry – the key issues that cause so many diets to fail.” says Suzy.

“Sheila Granger’s Virtual Gastric Band* concept evolved from the idea that our body has all the answers if we listen to it. For example if we have a pain in our foot, it is our body’s warning system telling us that we need to be careful. We take note of that signal and respond appropriately. However, with food we’ve switched off to all the signals, so we eat when we aren’t even hungry or we eat when we are already full. The Virtual Gastric Band re-sets and amplifies the natural signals from your stomach that let you know that you are full. And results have been impressive with nearly 9,000 people achieving a 10kg average weight loss across the globe after a decade of Virtual Gastric Band therapy.”

Sheila Granger advises that it’s important to work with a trained hypnotherapist for best results, saying “Although there are many options on the internet and apps that are similar to the virtual gastric band concept it is worth bearing in mind that these are generic recordings, and not tailored to an individual, as they would be working with a trained therapist. For best results it is important that sessions are tailored to an individual so that their unique food associations and habits can be addressed. The good news is that hypnotherapy can actually be performed online via Zoom or Skype from the comfort of someone’s own home. All that is required is a good internet connection and a qualified, professional therapist.”

Suzy is currently working with five locals – men and women – to help them achieve their weight loss goals.

By the way… Virtual Gastric Band therapy is very significantly less expensive than the real thing and comes with the benefits of not being invasive and not needing any recovery time at all! And it’s very safe.

*Suzy was trained in the Sheila Granger Virtual Gastric Band weight loss method in 2005.

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Article written by David Bateson, Wynnum Business.

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