VAPING A new challenge has surfaced in the wake of the smoking epidemic, a challenge with profound health implications: the rapid rise of VAPING. A phenomenon that was barely on our radar a decade ago now involves an estimated 4.3 million individuals in Great Britain alone, equating to 9.1% of the adult population. Figures are higher in Australia, 9.3%.


This is a call to action because Vaping is a Cloaked Hazard. Vaping was initially hailed as a safer alternative to smoking, but vaping is now unmasking its true colours. Early research indicates links to lung damage, heart disease and a host of other health issues. Alarmingly, the impact on youth is profound, with a stark increase in vaping among school students raising fears of long-term addiction and health risks. The reality is clear: vaping is not a safe harbour. And it’s not cool and it does not make people looking better.


Hypnotherapy Vaping Cessation is necessary because it works. Studies, including those published in the International Journal of Clinical and Experimental Hypnosis, have demonstrated the efficacy of hypnotherapy in smoking cessation. The parallels between smoking and vaping – particularly in terms of addiction and habit – suggest that Hypnotherapy skills are uniquely positioned to help a growing demographic desperate for solutions.

Is this you? Vapers are diverse: – Ex-smokers turned to vaping – Dual users, juggling cigarettes and e-cigarettes users – Non-smokers trying it for the first time, out of curiosity. Please Ring Suzy, and discuss your needs/ habits/ causes of vaping and how to change them. Phone 0409429101

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