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Stop Smoking with Suzy Woodhouse

“Giving up smoking is the easiest thing in the world. I know because I’ve done it thousands of times.”― Mark Twain

Want to Stop Worrying about how much money Smoking is costing you. Per week? Per Year?

What would you rather do with the money…?

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Over ten recent hypnotherapy clients with Suzy, who had been smokers for over 30 years were able to give up smoking after one session of hypnotherapy.

Have you ever thought, I can’t quit because: –

  • I’ll gain weight
  • I’ll get stressed and feel tense
  • Any damage is already done
  • I won’t be able to relax
  • I get bored or frustrated when I don’t smoke
  • I won’t enjoy a meal or drinking
  • It’s not the right time to quit smoking
  • I can’t quit because I’m addicted
  • I can’t quit because it’s a habit
  • I will miss the enjoyment of smoking 


  1. physiological (e.g. level of nicotine dependence)
  2. psychological (e.g. stress, fear of weight gain, depression)
  3. social (e.g. living or working with smokers, having friends who are smokers)
  4. or behavioral (e.g. patterns of smoking, association with places or events)


Change your beliefs with clinical hypnosis. The facts on hypnotherapy:-

  • is not sleep
  • is not a loss of control
  • is not giving up your own free will
  • is not as unnatural as you may think
  • you are always in control

Clinical Hypnotherapy harnesses this calm, creative, problem-solving ability of the sub-conscious mind. It is reliable and effective in helping you change whatever it is you want to change about yourself.

The facts are your conscious mind, your analytical thinking mind moves aside,  allowing you sub-conscious mind to be highly creative and receptive to new ideas.

Would you like to solve becoming a non-smoker easily and naturally?

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Quit Smoking with Suzy Woodhouse Wynnun, Brisbane

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