Testimonial – Chronic Pain

I contracted a Chronic Skin Itch on my back, which drove me mad, day and night, after Shingles two years ago.   I found nothing to alleviate this intense itch. After many visits to doctors, including a skin specialist who tried (and failed) to burn this skin off to get rid of it, I was put in contact with Suzy (my last resort).  A friend had heard Suzy speak on the effectiveness of clinical hypnotherapy at a Weight Loss seminar. I rang, chatted, then met Suzy, who gave me an idea of what was to happen in our sessions. She asked me relevant questions about pain, itch, my life, interests, etc.

Suzy made me recordings of our four Hypnotherapy sessions, which I took home. The recorded Hypno sessions incorporated how the mind and bodywork together, itch, pain and the brain, Neuroplasticity, weaving my own life and interests into my own hypnosis. These recorded sessions, which I listened to at home, many times later, gave me the ability to use them when I needed them and reduced the itch to zero. I still go back to these whenever I need them, working with the sessions from a year ago, and finding that this is helping immensely. Suzy is a very qualified practitioner in her field and I highly recommend her to assist anyone with many of life’s problems that come our way. Connie – Cerrutty141@gmail.com

Testimonial – Forgiveness

Dear Suzy, I would like to thank you for your professionalism, dedication and gentle nurturing nature in the way you assisted me to deal with my pain and anger towards my father’ s emotional abuse. I have endured this situation for a very long time, and have been stubborn in letting go, too fearful to love and forgive my father. All I wanted to do was hurt and punish him and I didn’t realise that what I was doing, was hurting myself in the process. Your magical words of wisdom, encouragement and reassurance helped me to relax, feel comfortable and be open to change. Your emotional understanding allowed me to trust you and put my emotions in your care.   The transition since our hypnosis sessions has been fruitful. I feel like a new person. You helped me my confront my fears, be strong, honour myself and understand the importance of forgiveness and how it can set you free to change your life. Thank you for this wonderful gift.  I often listen back to my hypnosis recordings when I feel uncomfortable. earth.angel.fighter@gmail.com 

Testimonial – Toddler Sleep Setting Difficulties

Our 3-year-old daughter had always found settling to sleep to difficult, and needed us to sit with her patting her until she fell asleep, sometimes for up to 2 hours! If we stopped holding her or walked away she would immediately rouse and cry out until we were by her side holding her again. Suzy tailor-made our daughter asleep hypnosis recording to play at night and the effects have been profound, as she would lie quietly and calmly in bed listening to the recording after we walked out and gradually soothe herself to sleep! If the recording finished before she fell asleep she would simply request us to start it again. We are so grateful to have a calmer daughter and to have our lives back whereby we can just give her a kiss and cuddle goodnight, and then carry on with our own evening’s activities. Thank you, Suzy – geryjames85@gmail.com

Testimonial – Gambling Additions

I came to Suzy on the recommendation of my daughter but was very skeptical. I wasn’t sure what hypnotherapy was except for what I had seen on tv where they made people do things such as act like a dog. To my relief it was nothing like that.
At the beginning, I had come to Suzy as I had been married for over 40 years and suddenly found out my husband was having an affair. My life fell apart. I had had a few previous sessions on the pokies earlier, but it suddenly flared up again into a full-time addiction, out of control.
I was gutted and wasn’t coping at all. I was like a small ship lost in the middle of the ocean and at times thought it was all too hard and I should take sleeping pills.
On my first visit to Suzy we talked for a while and then began the session. At first it was a bit difficult for me as I was very skeptical, but before long I was deeply relaxed. 
I found some of the techniques difficult but with Suzy’s help we were soon able to find alternative ways that have helped me immensely. We recorded the sessions and I listen to them every night as I go to sleep.
I came to Suzy unable to find a way to deal with what had happened. I had lost all self-esteem and ability to make good decisions and good choices, but slowly found ways to help myself.
It has not been an easy road, but with Suzy’s help and a lot of work by me, I am slowly returning to my old self.
I am truly grateful to have found Suzy; she helped me pick up the pieces of my life. I was in a bad place with nowhere to go. I thought, what have I got to lose? So I gave it a try! – Leslie Franks

Testimonial – Relationship Breakdown After 20 Years

Thank you Suzy, for your hypnotherapy sessions. I really appreciated your ability to understand so quickly what was going on for me. I was in a bad way because of a breakdown in my longterm relationship, and I was extremely stressed and exhausted, unable to concentrate and barely able to cope. Your sympathetic and caring approach made me feel supported and safe right from the beginning. After the first few sessions, I began to de-stress and re-build some self-esteem and confidence. The way you tailored each session to address my needs meant that everything was personalised to my situation. I really liked the environment you set up: the imagery you used and the journey you took me on in the sessions. They were wonderful! You have definitely helped me on the way to recovery. I have continued to listen to the recordings discovering new things in them. I have gained more control over my life, I can look back clearly now, and see how effective the hypnotherapy process was and how skilled you are. I can’t thank you enough. – Dani Brown

Testimonial – Feeling Lost In Family Dispute

I had been deeply affected by a family law dispute that has traumatized ten members of my family.  This entailed legal, moral and ethical issues created by evil parties.  Suzy is helping me to work through these issues, to be calmer, to choose wisely and to help my family recover from the anger we are feeling at being manipulated.  I listen to recordings of my  Hypno sessions and move forward.  This is life changing! – Ben (bensherman1945@gmails.com)

Testimonial – Wonderful

Thank you, Suzy! I had a wonderful, gentle empowering and insightful session with you and am so glad I could take the recording of our session home with me. I continue to listen to it in my own time. So relaxing. Thank you again – Linda (whitaker@bigpond.com)

Testimonial – Stress, Confidence and Self Belief

Don’t leave it until it gets really bad…like I did. When I reached out to Suzy for help I was hurting. I was working on a massive project I had to deliver in just three weeks for an important client I needed to impress. On top of that, I was really depending on the money. And I was lacking any confidence in my ability to deliver. I was totally frozen with fear and anxiety. Two sessions with Suzy helped me work through the major issues contributing to my paralysis. Every night I relaxed to the hypnosis tapes Suzy made during our time together based on the themes that came out of our sessions and I experienced real relief and change in my life. I met my deadline. I satisfied my client’s needs. And I feel myself again. Thank you, Suzy. I can’t recommend you highly enough. – (Prahran.writer@gmail.com)

Testimonial – Goals for life

“Thank you, Suzy!  I had a wonderful, gentle but empowering and insightful session with you on my problems of not knowing what to do about my working life jobs, and where I should live; city or country. So glad I could make a recording of our hypnosis session home with me to continue listening in my own time.  Solved. So relaxed!  I no longer worry about it or concern myself about these. – Lindy Loo Iris (lindylooiris@gmail.com)

Testimonial – Workplace Bullying

Challenged by some social dynamics in the workplace, including Bullying, I approached Suzy.  Through her coaching and hypnotherapy practices, she made me feel comfortable and at ease. I now can handle and sort out the bullying very well. Suzy’s calming voice, on our recorded sessions,  is one I draw on, whenever I need help to shift me to a positive mindset. – Rita Field (rfield.098@gmail.com)

Testimonial – My Life’s Issues

Suzy Woodhouse has helped me work through lots of matters over the years. During this time Suzy helped me sort through a divorce and to minimize its impact on my young children. There were so many issues: I call it my ‘spaghetti bowl’ of things that were in a pretty tight knot. Suzy helped me untangle them and move forward using a range of methods.  

From divorce to corporate job skills, return to work after babies, loss of confidence, landing a good job, and helping my older age daughter with sports psychology and self-belief when she was flagging as an elite athlete and Olympic hopeful. Suzy has been fantastic. Highly recommended.” – Caroline Anderson (carand730@gmail.com)

Testimonials for Suzy Woodhouse

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